Alabama Holidays

Discovering Alabama: A Guide to the Best Things to Do on Holiday

Nestled in the southern United States, Alabama offers a wealth of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Known as the Heart of Dixie, this state is home to a rich history, scenic beauty, and a diverse array of experiences for travelers of all ages and interests. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top things to do when holidaying in Alabama.

Gulf Coast

One of the most popular destinations in Alabama is the Gulf Coast. The city of Gulf Shores is a top spot for beach lovers, with miles of white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and plenty of water sports to try. Visitors can also take a dolphin-watching cruise, go deep-sea fishing, or simply relax on the beach with a good book. The nearby city of Orange Beach is also worth a visit, known for its excellent seafood restaurants and family-friendly attractions such as the Adventure Island amusement park. Both cities offer a variety of accommodations, from budget-friendly hotels to luxury resorts.

Civil Rights History

Alabama played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement and the state is home to several important historical sites that commemorate this period in history. Visitors can take a tour of the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, which honors the lives of those who lost their lives in the struggle for equality. The Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church in Montgomery, where Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister, is also a must-see. Additionally, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute provides a comprehensive look at the Civil Rights Movement and its impact on Birmingham and the country as a whole.

Outdoor Adventures

For outdoor enthusiasts, Alabama offers a wide range of activities. Visitors can hike in the beautiful Cheaha State Park, which offers breathtaking views of the state’s highest peak. The Little River Canyon, located on the top of Lookout Mountain, is a popular spot for rock climbing and picnicking. The Talladega National Forest is also a great destination for outdoor activities, with hiking trails, fishing spots, and campgrounds.


Birmingham, the state’s largest city, is home to a variety of attractions and activities. The city is home to the largest urban park in the nation, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Visitors can stroll through the gardens and see a wide variety of plants and flowers, as well as take a guided tour of the gardens’ many exhibits. The Birmingham Museum of Art is also worth a visit, featuring a collection of over 24,000 works of art. Additionally, the city’s historic district offers a glimpse into Birmingham’s past, with several preserved Victorian-era homes and buildings.

Food and Drinks

Alabama is known for its delicious southern cuisine and visitors can sample a variety of dishes during their holiday. From Gulf Coast seafood to southern-style barbecue, there is something to suit every taste. Visitors should also try some of the state’s famous sweet tea and pecan pie. Additionally, Alabama is home to a growing craft beer and wine scene, with several microbreweries and wineries located throughout the state.

In conclusion, Alabama offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors. From the Gulf Coast to the Appalachians, from historical sites to natural beauty, there is something for everyone in the Heart of Dixie. So pack your bags and head to Alabama for your next holiday!

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