All Inclusive Holidays In Albania

All-Inclusive Holidays in Albania: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

This picturesque country is nestled between Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro, boasting a stunning coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. With its rich history, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality, Albania is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top all-inclusive resorts and experiences that will make your trip to Albania one to remember.

Why Choose an All-Inclusive Holiday in Albania?

All-inclusive holidays take the stress out of planning and budgeting for your vacation. With accommodations, meals, drinks, and activities bundled into one package, you can relax and enjoy your holiday without worrying about additional expenses. Albania’s growing tourism industry offers a range of all-inclusive options, from budget-friendly family resorts to luxurious adults-only escapes. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an action-packed adventure, Albania has something for everyone.

Top All-Inclusive Resorts in Albania

1. Green Coast Resort & Residences

Located on the beautiful Ionian coast, Green Coast Resort & Residences is a luxurious all-inclusive resort perfect for couples, families, and friends. This 5-star property features spacious villas, gourmet dining, and a wide array of activities, including water sports, hiking, and cultural experiences. The resort’s stunning private beach and lush surroundings make it the perfect escape from everyday life.

2. Vala Mar Residences

Vala Mar Residences is a family-friendly all-inclusive resort situated on the gorgeous Adriatic coast. The resort boasts a variety of accommodations, from comfortable apartments to lavish villas. With an on-site water park, kids club, and a range of dining options, Vala Mar Residences is perfect for families looking for a fun-filled holiday. Adults can also enjoy the spa and wellness center, while the whole family can explore nearby historical sites and nature reserves.

3. Splendor Resort & SPA

Situated on a hilltop overlooking the Ionian Sea, Splendor Resort & SPA is an adults-only all-inclusive haven. This luxury resort offers a range of elegant suites and villas, all with breathtaking sea views. With a focus on wellness and relaxation, Splendor Resort & SPA offers a serene atmosphere, complete with a spa, fitness center, and a variety of dining options. Adventure-seekers can also take advantage of the resort’s water sports and hiking trails.

Excursions and Activities to Include in Your All-Inclusive Holiday

While all-inclusive resorts offer plenty of on-site amenities and entertainment, it’s also worth exploring the incredible experiences that Albania has to offer. Here are some suggestions to consider adding to your all-inclusive package:

1. Explore the Ancient City of Butrint

Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an ancient city that dates back to the 8th century BC. This archaeological gem is home to well-preserved ruins, including a Roman theater, a Byzantine basilica, and an ancient Greek acropolis. A guided tour of Butrint is a must for history enthusiasts.

2. Take a Boat Trip to the Blue Eye Spring

The Blue Eye Spring, or “Syri i Kaltër,” is a mesmerizing natural wonder located near Saranda. This crystal-clear spring is known for its vibrant blue color and seemingly bottomless depth. A boat trip to the Blue Eye Spring is a fantastic way to enjoy Albania’s stunning natural beauty and take a refreshing dip in the cool, clear water.

3. Discover the Vibrant Capital City of Tirana

Tirana, Albania’s capital and largest city, is a lively and colorful destination full of history, culture, and modern flair. Explore the city’s main attractions, such as Skanderbeg Square, the National History Museum, and the Pyramid of Tirana. Don’t forget to sample traditional Albanian cuisine at local restaurants and cafés.

4. Wander the Cobbled Streets of Gjirokastër

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gjirokastër is a charming historical city known for its well-preserved Ottoman architecture and cobbled streets. Visit the Gjirokastër Fortress for panoramic views of the city, and explore the many museums and cultural sites to immerse yourself in Albanian history.

5. Experience the Lively Nightlife of Saranda

Saranda, a coastal city in southern Albania, is famous for its vibrant nightlife scene. With numerous bars, clubs, and beachfront venues, there’s no shortage of entertainment options. Dance the night away, sample local drinks, and enjoy the warm, Mediterranean atmosphere.

Travel Tips for Your All-Inclusive Holiday in Albania

To make the most of your all-inclusive holiday in Albania, keep these handy travel tips in mind:

1. Currency

Albania’s currency is the Albanian Lek (ALL). Most all-inclusive resorts accept major credit cards, but it’s a good idea to have some local currency for off-resort purchases and tipping.

2. Language

Albanian is the official language, but many people in the tourism industry speak English, Italian, and Greek. It’s always appreciated if you learn a few basic Albanian phrases to interact with the locals.

3. Safety

Albania is generally a safe destination for tourists. However, it’s always wise to exercise common sense, such as not leaving valuables unattended and being aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.

4. Best Time to Visit

The best time for an all-inclusive holiday in Albania is from May to September, when the weather is warm and sunny. The peak tourist season is July and August, so if you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting during the shoulder months of May, June, or September.

Albania is an enchanting destination that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. With a growing selection of all-inclusive resorts, it’s easier than ever to plan a stress-free and unforgettable holiday. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a little bit of both, Albania is sure to leave a lasting impression.