Montenegro Holidays

Are you thinking about taking a holiday in Montenegro? Well, you’re in for a treat! This small country on the Balkan peninsula is full of stunning natural beauty, fascinating history, and friendly locals. Here’s a comprehensive travel guide to help you plan your perfect Montenegro holiday.

Getting there:

  • Montenegro is easily accessible by plane, with direct flights from many major European cities to Tivat or Podgorica airports.
  • If you prefer to drive, the country is well connected by roads, and rental cars are readily available.

Where to stay:

  • If you’re looking for luxury, the coastal town of Budva is home to some of the finest hotels in the country, with stunning views over the Adriatic Sea.
  • For a more authentic experience, consider staying in one of Montenegro’s traditional mountain villages, such as Zabljak or Kolasin. Here you’ll find charming family-run guesthouses and picturesque views.

Things to do:

  • Take in the stunning natural beauty of the country with a visit to one of its many national parks, such as Biogradska Gora or Durmitor.
  • Explore the charming old town of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and marvel at its well-preserved medieval architecture.
  • Relax on one of Montenegro’s many beaches, such as Jaz or Velika Plaža.
  • Try some of the local cuisine, which features fresh seafood and hearty meat dishes.
  • Take a boat tour of the stunning Bay of Kotor, a protected fjord-like body of water surrounded by dramatic mountains.

When to go:

  • Montenegro is a year-round destination, with each season offering its own unique experiences.
  • Summer is peak season, with warm weather, plenty of sun, and busy tourist spots.
  • Spring and autumn are great for exploring the country’s national parks, with mild weather and colorful foliage.
  • Winter offers opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, as well as cozy fireside dinners and traditional Christmas celebrations.

Overall, Montenegro is a hidden gem that promises a memorable holiday experience. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, this charming country has something for everyone. I hope this guide helps you plan your perfect Montenegro holiday. Happy travels!