Resorts In Alaska

Uncover the Magic of Alaska: A Travel Guide to Alaskan Resorts

Welcome to our extensive and friendly guide about the enchanting world of resorts in Alaska! Alaska, known as “The Last Frontier,” is a realm of splendid natural beauty, rugged landscapes, and captivating wildlife. From the breathtakingly serene Northern Lights to the iconic glaciers, this travel guide will help you explore the luxurious resorts nestled in Alaska’s magnificent landscapes. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

1. Alyeska Resort – Girdwood

First on our list is the stunning Alyeska Resort, located in Girdwood, less than an hour’s drive from Anchorage. This luxury mountain resort offers the best of Alaskan beauty and adventure throughout the year. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to mountain biking and hiking in the summer, Alyeska Resort has something for every outdoor enthusiast. If you prefer to relax, their world-class spa offers soothing massages and treatments that’ll make you feel rejuvenated amidst the mountains.

2. Waterfall Resort – Ketchikan

Renowned for being one of the best fishing resorts in Alaska, Waterfall Resort is a paradise for those who love the sport. Based in Ketchikan, this resort offers guided fishing tours and has a rich history as a former cannery. The resort’s wooden cabins provide a cozy and homely stay, with the added bonus of mouth-watering seafood dining experiences. Don’t forget to take part in the King Salmon Fishing Tournament during your stay!

3. Chena Hot Springs Resort – Fairbanks

Nestled at the end of a scenic drive from Fairbanks, Chena Hot Springs Resort is well-known for its healing mineral waters. A perfect place to unwind, this resort offers a unique experience to bathe in natural hot springs while you admire the Northern Lights. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary Ice Museum, where even the bar glasses are made of ice!

4. Stillpoint Lodge – Halibut Cove

A true gem tucked away in a secluded, peaceful setting, Stillpoint Lodge is an exclusive resort located in Halibut Cove. Accessible only by boat or floatplane, this eco-friendly luxury resort offers comfort and privacy in the middle of unspoiled nature. The resort specializes in wellness retreats and adventure tourism, combining the tranquility of the surrounding wilderness with modern luxuries.

5. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge – Judd Lake

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, overlooking the beautiful Judd Lake, is a haven for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. The lodge offers a unique mix of luxury and adventure, with activities like heli-skiing, heli-fishing, and mountaineering. In the evening, retreat to your private cabin for a relaxing end to a thrilling day.

6. Sheldon Chalet – Denali National Park

Imagine waking up to the panoramic views of Alaska’s majestic peaks right from your room. Sheldon Chalet, situated in Denali National Park, makes this dream come true. It offers an exclusive, luxury experience right in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness. From heli-skiing to glacier trekking, each day at Sheldon Chalet promises an unforgettable adventure. The chalet’s exquisite cuisine featuring locally sourced ingredients is the cherry on top!

Travel Tips for Your Alaskan Adventure

1. Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Alaska depends on the experiences you seek. For those hoping to catch the Northern Lights, winter (December to March) is the best time. If you wish to enjoy the landscapes in warmer weather, summer (June to August) is perfect, offering up to 24 hours of daylight in some areas!

2. Packing Essentials

Alaska’s weather can be quite unpredictable, so packing layers is essential. Don’t forget your waterproof clothing, sturdy hiking boots, sunblock, and bug spray. For winter visits, ensure you have thermal clothing, gloves, and hats.

3. Wildlife Etiquette

Respecting the wildlife is crucial in Alaska. Always maintain a safe distance from animals, never feed them, and respect their habitats. Remember, you are a guest in their home.

With this guide in hand, you are now ready to embark on a thrilling journey through Alaska’s exquisite landscapes. The Last Frontier awaits you!

7. Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge – Cooper Landing

Located on the scenic Kenai Peninsula, the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge is a serene oasis nestled in the forest. It offers spacious bungalow-style rooms with personal porches, perfect for relaxing and soaking in the beautiful views. The Lodge is also ideally situated for activities like river rafting, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Their popular restaurant offers fresh seafood and traditional Alaskan fare, perfect after a day of exploring.

8. Glacier Bay Lodge – Gustavus

Glacier Bay Lodge, located within the Glacier Bay National Park in Gustavus, offers an immersive Alaskan experience. It is the only accommodation within the National Park, making it the perfect base for wildlife viewing, kayaking, fishing, and glacier viewing. Staying at the Lodge allows you to wake up to the sounds of nature and enjoy the stunning views of the Bartlett Cove.

9. Kantishna Roadhouse – Denali National Park

Deep within Denali National Park, the Kantishna Roadhouse is a full-service backcountry lodge offering a unique wilderness experience. The Roadhouse is the perfect blend of comfort and adventure, where guests can go on guided hikes, view wildlife, or even try gold panning. After a day full of adventure, guests can return to a comfortable cabin and enjoy a hearty Alaskan meal.

10. Borealis Basecamp – Fairbanks

If viewing the Northern Lights is at the top of your bucket list, then Borealis Basecamp in Fairbanks is your destination. The camp offers unique dome-style accommodations with large windows perfect for viewing the Northern Lights right from your bed. Beyond this magical experience, you can also enjoy dog sledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and snowmobile tours during your stay.

With its awe-inspiring landscapes, thrilling outdoor activities, and luxurious resorts, Alaska truly is a wonderland for all types of travelers. Whether you want to relax amidst nature, embark on an adventure, or just enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, these Alaskan resorts offer the perfect setting. This guide is your stepping stone into the world of Alaskan splendor, where every moment is a delightful surprise. Are you ready to create unforgettable memories in The Last Frontier? Pack your bags and set off on an exciting Alaskan adventure!