Resorts In Angola

Travel Guide: Resorts in Angola

Get ready to embark on an exciting virtual journey to the vibrant African nation of Angola, a land that boasts beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and burgeoning luxury resorts. Whether you’re a beach lover, wildlife aficionary, or a wellness seeker, Angola has something spectacular to offer everyone. So, let’s delve into the beauty and luxury of the top resorts in Angola.

Africa’s Secret Paradise: The Top Resorts in Angola

1. Tropicana Beach and Resort

Located in the heart of Angola’s capital city, Luanda, the Tropicana Beach and Resort is a beach lover’s paradise. With the resort facing the exquisite South Atlantic Ocean, guests are treated to picturesque views and soothing sea breezes. Featuring a mix of modern amenities and local charm, it’s a fabulous base to explore the hustle and bustle of the city, and of course, to spend a lazy day by the beach. Their local Angolan and international cuisine is a treat to the taste buds.

2. ika Resort

A little further from the city, nestled in the outskirts, is the ika Resort. This resort serves as an escape from the fast-paced city life, offering serenity amidst Angola’s scenic landscapes. The resort, surrounded by lush greenery and offering a fantastic view of the Kwanza River, is a great spot for nature lovers. Take advantage of the guided eco-tours, where you can catch a glimpse of Angola’s unique flora and fauna.

3. Calandula Wellness Resort

For those seeking tranquillity and rejuvenation, the Calandula Wellness Resort is your haven. Situated near the breathtaking Calandula waterfalls, this resort focuses on wellness and holistic experiences. Here, you can enjoy treatments inspired by traditional African healing practices in a beautiful natural setting. The picturesque views of the falls and surrounding landscapes serve as the cherry on top!

Angolan Resorts: Activities and Attractions

1. Adventure at Tropicana Beach and Resort

The Tropicana Beach and Resort is not only for relaxation but also offers adventure in abundance. Go on a boat ride across the Atlantic or try your hand at surfing. The resort also arranges city tours for its guests, where you can explore Luanda’s vibrant markets, historic sites, and incredible nightlife.

2. Eco-tours at ika Resort

At ika Resort, nature lovers can immerse themselves in guided eco-tours. Explore the local ecosystem, birdwatch, or embark on a wildlife spotting adventure. In the evenings, participate in traditional Angolan barbecues under the starlit sky, creating lifelong memories.

3. Wellness Activities at Calandula Wellness Resort

Calandula Wellness Resort offers numerous wellness activities, such as yoga, meditation, and African-inspired wellness therapies. Explore the nearby Calandula falls, participate in nature walks, or relax in the spa. Their farm-to-table cuisine offers a healthful dining experience, providing a complete wellness package for guests.

A Taste of Angola: Culinary Experiences

1. Tropicana Beach and Resort

Tropicana Beach and Resort is renowned for its fusion of local Angolan and international cuisines. From delectable seafood to traditional dishes like funge and moamba, their culinary delights are an exploration of Angola’s rich food culture.

2. ika Resort

The ika Resort offers a unique dining experience featuring organic, locally-sourced ingredients. Enjoy a meal at their riverside restaurant while relishing the serene views of the Kwanza River. Don’t miss their Angolan barbecue nights, a true gastronomic adventure!

3. Calandula Wellness Resort

At Calandula Wellness Resort, food is part of the healing journey. They serve wholesome, farm-to-table meals that are both delicious and healthful. Try their local fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs, which provide a unique wellness-oriented dining experience.

Off the Beaten Track: Lesser-known Angolan Resorts

1. Belas Business Park

Located in Luanda, Belas Business Park offers a tranquil escape from the city’s bustling vibes. This resort combines luxury, convenience, and tranquility, offering both short-term and long-term accommodations for travelers and business people. Here, you can unwind in the beautiful infinity pool, enjoy local and international cuisine at the resort’s restaurants, or step out to explore the nearby Talatona Convention Centre.

2. Zenit Tower

Zenit Tower is a beautiful urban resort set in Luanda. Known for its impressive architectural design that stands tall in the city skyline, Zenit Tower offers luxurious accommodations with stunning city views. The resort also has multiple dining options, a well-equipped fitness center, and a rooftop pool where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city.

3. Veya Hotel

Located in Lobito, a port city in western Angola, Veya Hotel offers an unforgettable stay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This resort stands out for its architectural design that blends modern luxury with local Angolan influences. The seaside location adds to the allure, with stunning sea views and immediate beach access for guests.

Activities and Attractions: Off-the-Beaten Track Resorts

1. Local Exploration at Belas Business Park

At Belas Business Park, you can venture out to explore local attractions. Visit the Talatona Convention Centre, one of Angola’s architectural marvels, or spend a leisurely day shopping at the nearby Belas Shopping Mall. The resort also offers golf packages for the enthusiasts.

2. City Life at Zenit Tower

Zenit Tower is the perfect base for exploring the vibrant city of Luanda. Visit the iconic Fortress of São Miguel, the National Museum of Slavery, or take a stroll in the city’s bustling markets. After a day of city exploration, unwind at the resort’s rooftop pool with panoramic city views.

3. Seaside Adventures at Veya Hotel

Veya Hotel offers an array of seaside adventures. Try water sports such as jet-skiing, snorkeling, or fishing. Don’t miss the chance to explore the beautiful beaches of Lobito. You could also embark on a historical tour to discover the city’s colonial past.

A Taste of Angola: Culinary Experiences Off the Beaten Track

1. Belas Business Park

Belas Business Park serves a delicious mix of local and international cuisine. Their seafood, sourced from the nearby Atlantic waters, is particularly popular among guests. Don’t miss their catch-of-the-day specials for a true taste of Angola.

2. Zenit Tower

Zenit Tower’s restaurants offer a sophisticated dining experience, with an impressive menu of both local and international dishes. Enjoy a sundowner at their rooftop bar while taking in the mesmerizing city views.

3. Veya Hotel

Veya Hotel’s restaurant offers a mouth-watering selection of local Angolan and Portuguese cuisines. Their beachside barbecues are a must-try, promising a memorable dining experience amidst the soothing sound of the ocean waves.

Angola is a stunning destination waiting to be discovered, offering a rich mix of culture, history, natural beauty, and luxury accommodations. Whether you choose to stay in one of the popular resorts or venture off the beaten track, you’re sure to have a remarkable journey in this vibrant African nation. Angola welcomes you with open arms to experience its warm hospitality, tantalizing cuisine, and unique landscapes. It’s time to put Angola on your travel bucket list!