Restaurants In Disneyland Shanghai

A Friendly and Informative Guide to Restaurants in Shanghai Disneyland

Visiting Shanghai Disneyland is a magical experience, and exploring the park’s delicious dining options is an essential part of that adventure. With numerous eateries to choose from, you’ll find a diverse range of cuisines and themed restaurants that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top restaurants in Shanghai Disneyland, making your dining experience as enjoyable and memorable as the park itself.

1. Mickey & Pals Market Café

Located in Fantasyland, Mickey & Pals Market Café is a perfect spot for families and friends to grab a quick bite to eat. With an extensive menu featuring American, Asian, and International cuisines, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. You’ll find classics like burgers, fried chicken, and pizza alongside more exotic fare like seafood curry and stir-fried noodles. The vibrant atmosphere and Disney character-themed dining areas make this a must-visit destination for any Disneyland adventure.

2. Wandering Moon Teahouse

Step into the enchanting world of the Wandering Moon Teahouse, nestled in the heart of the Gardens of Imagination. This elegant Chinese restaurant serves a variety of traditional dishes, including dim sum, Peking duck, and Sichuan-style hotpot. The tranquil setting, complete with a moonlit pond and exquisite decor, offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the park. Don’t forget to sample their exceptional tea offerings, as the teahouse boasts an extensive selection of fine Chinese teas.

3. Barbossa’s Bounty

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail for Treasure Cove and anchor down at Barbossa’s Bounty, a pirate-themed restaurant offering mouthwatering barbecue and seafood dishes. Inspired by the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series, this immersive dining experience features live-action performances, treasure-hunting pirates, and a unique view of the “Battle for the Sunken Treasure” attraction. Feast on smoked ribs, grilled fish, and hearty salads while soaking up the swashbuckling atmosphere.

4. Tangled Tree Tavern

Located in Fantasyland, the Tangled Tree Tavern is a charming, Rapunzel-themed restaurant that transports you to the whimsical world of the beloved Disney film. With its warm, rustic interior and a menu filled with European-inspired dishes, you’ll feel as if you’re dining in a fairytale. Indulge in savory options like schnitzel, roasted chicken, and creamy pasta, and don’t miss their delightful desserts, such as the signature Tangled Tree chocolate cake.

5. Royal Banquet Hall

For a truly regal experience, make your way to the Royal Banquet Hall, situated within the iconic Enchanted Storybook Castle. This opulent restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a Disney twist, as you’ll be joined by some of your favorite Disney characters. The menu showcases a variety of gourmet dishes, including braised abalone, pan-seared scallops, and decadent chocolate mousse. Reservations are highly recommended, as this once-in-a-lifetime dining experience is in high demand.

6. Toy Box Café

Fans of the “Toy Story” movies will love the Toy Box Café, an imaginative eatery in Toy Story Land. With larger-than-life decor and a menu inspired by the films, you’ll feel like you’ve shrunk down to toy size. The café offers a selection of playful dishes, such as the Alien Spicy Seafood Pizza, Mr. Potato Head’s Chili Cheese Fries, and Lotso’s Strawberry Bear Cake. With its fun atmosphere and tasty menu, the Toy Box Café is the perfect pit stop for kids and kids at heart.

7. Remy’s Patisserie

Located in Mickey Avenue, Remy’s Patisserie is a charming French-style bakery inspired by the lovable culinary genius from Disney’s “Ratatouille.” The aroma of freshly baked pastries, breads, and desserts will draw you in, while the delightful selection will have you coming back for more. Choose from an array of sweet and savory options, including almond croissants, chocolate éclairs, quiches, and sandwiches. Pair your treat with a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate for a delightful pick-me-up during your park visit.

8. Tribal Table

Embark on a culinary adventure at the Tribal Table, located in Adventure Isle. This buffet-style restaurant showcases a variety of dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. With live cooking stations featuring everything from grilled meats and fresh seafood to noodles and rice dishes, you’re sure to find something to suit your palate. The exotic décor and lively atmosphere add to the excitement of this unique dining experience.

9. Pinocchio Village Kitchen

Step into the world of Pinocchio at the Pinocchio Village Kitchen, a delightful Italian eatery situated in Fantasyland. The menu is filled with classic Italian favorites, such as wood-fired pizzas, pasta dishes, and gelato. The charming, storybook-inspired interior features scenes and characters from the beloved tale, making it a magical destination for the entire family.

10. Starliner Diner

For a dining experience that’s out of this world, head to Tomorrowland’s Starliner Diner. This futuristic, space-themed restaurant serves up a selection of intergalactic fare, including burgers, fried chicken, and unique salads. The sleek, modern décor and interactive elements make it a fun and engaging spot to refuel before continuing your journey through the park.

Shanghai Disneyland is a wonderland of culinary delights, with a diverse range of restaurants and eateries catering to all tastes and preferences. Be sure to explore and enjoy these fantastic dining options during your visit, as they’re certain to add an extra touch of magic to your Disney adventure.