Restaurants In Wyoming

A Friendly and Informative Travel Guide to Restaurants in Wyoming

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful state of Wyoming, you’re in for a treat – and we’re not just talking about the breathtaking landscapes. Wyoming is a treasure trove of culinary experiences, from traditional cowboy fare to contemporary cuisine. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best restaurants that the Equality State has to offer, so you can indulge your taste buds while enjoying your trip.

1. The Cowboy State’s Classic Cuisine

King’s Saddlery and King Ropes

Located in the heart of Sheridan, King’s Saddlery and King Ropes is a must-visit for anyone seeking a true taste of Wyoming’s cowboy culture. This iconic establishment is not only a restaurant, but also a saddle and rope shop – a unique combination that attracts both tourists and locals alike. Don’t forget to try their famous homemade chili, a hearty meal that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for your next adventure.

Miner’s Grubstake

Take a step back in time with a visit to Miner’s Grubstake in Atlantic City, a historic gold mining town. With its rustic atmosphere and mouthwatering burgers, this charming eatery will transport you to the Old West. Be sure to try their signature burger, the “Motherlode,” which is piled high with delicious toppings, making it a meal you won’t soon forget.

2. Farm-to-Table Delights

Local Restaurant & Bar

Nestled in the picturesque town of Jackson, Local Restaurant & Bar is a celebration of Wyoming’s rich agricultural heritage. This farm-to-table eatery sources its ingredients from local farmers and ranchers, ensuring that every dish is fresh and full of flavor. Their menu changes seasonally, so you can always expect something new and exciting. Be sure to pair your meal with a selection from their extensive wine list, which showcases the best of the region’s vineyards.

Gluten-Free Mountain Gourmet

Don’t worry, gluten-free travelers – we haven’t forgotten about you! Gluten-Free Mountain Gourmet in Cody is a haven for those with dietary restrictions. This charming café specializes in delicious, gluten-free baked goods and sandwiches, made with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Stop by for a scrumptious breakfast or lunch, and don’t forget to pick up some treats for the road.

3. International Flavors

Sweet Melissa’s Vegetarian Café

For a taste of something a little different, head to Sweet Melissa’s Vegetarian Café in Laramie. This cozy eatery offers a variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes inspired by global flavors. From their delectable falafel wrap to the spicy Thai curry, there’s something for everyone at this hidden gem.

Rendezvous Bistro

Experience a touch of European sophistication at Rendezvous Bistro, located in Jackson. This elegant restaurant offers an exquisite menu featuring French and Italian-inspired dishes, expertly prepared with the finest ingredients. Indulge in their divine beef bourguignon or the melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi, and finish your meal with a decadent dessert. You’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to the streets of Paris or Rome!

4. Sweet Treats

Meeteetse Chocolatier

For those with a sweet tooth, a visit to Meeteetse Chocolatier in the charming town of Meeteetse is an absolute must. This small, artisan chocolate shop is owned and operated by a local cowboy-turned-chocolatier, who creates exquisite, handcrafted chocolates using only the finest ingredients. Be sure to sample their signature Wyoming Whiskey truffle, made with locally distilled whiskey, for a true taste of the West.

Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop

When you’re in the mood for a cool and refreshing treat, make your way to the Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop in Laramie. This beloved, family-owned ice cream parlor offers a wide variety of homemade ice cream flavors that are sure to please any palate. From classic favorites like chocolate and vanilla to more adventurous options like huckleberry and lavender, you’re bound to find a flavor that hits the spot.

5. Craft Breweries and Distilleries

Black Tooth Brewing Company

Experience Wyoming’s thriving craft beer scene with a visit to Black Tooth Brewing Company in Sheridan. This award-winning brewery offers an impressive selection of handcrafted beers, ranging from crisp, refreshing lagers to rich, malty stouts. Enjoy a pint (or two) in their laid-back taproom, or take a guided tour to learn more about the brewing process.

Wyoming Whiskey

For a taste of the state’s finest spirits, make your way to Wyoming Whiskey in Kirby. This family-owned distillery prides itself on creating small-batch, premium whiskeys using locally sourced grains and pure, limestone-filtered water. Take a guided tour of the distillery to learn more about their production process, and then sample their award-winning whiskeys in the tasting room. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle to take home as a souvenir!

Final Thoughts

Wyoming’s culinary scene is as diverse and exciting as its stunning landscapes, offering visitors a true taste of the West. From cowboy classics to international flavors, there’s something to please every palate in the Equality State. We hope this guide has inspired you to explore the delicious dining options that await you on your next trip to Wyoming.