Restaurants In Estonia

A Friendly Travel Guide to Restaurants in Estonia

Welcome to Estonia, a beautiful gem in the Baltics with a rich history and stunning nature. As you embark on your journey, you might be wondering where to find the best places to eat in this enchanting country. Worry not, fellow traveler, as we have prepared an informative yet friendly guide to the must-try restaurants in Estonia. So, put on your comfy shoes, grab your appetite, and let’s dive into the culinary delights of Estonia!

1. Tallinn: The Historic Capital

a. Olde Hansa

Located in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, Olde Hansa is a medieval-themed restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. With its traditional décor, costumed staff, and candlelit atmosphere, this restaurant transports you back to the Middle Ages. Indulge in authentic Estonian dishes, such as elk and wild boar, while sipping on some honey beer or spiced wine.

b. NOA Chef’s Hall

For a more modern and upscale experience, head over to NOA Chef’s Hall. Situated on the shores of Tallinn Bay, this restaurant boasts a stunning view of the city skyline. Offering a seasonal menu of local and international flavors, the Chef’s Hall has earned its spot among the best restaurants in Estonia. Make sure to try their delectable tasting menus and don’t forget to reserve a table in advance.

2. Tartu: The University City

a. Aparaat

In the vibrant city of Tartu, you’ll find Aparaat, a charming restaurant housed in an old Soviet-era factory building. The menu features a delightful mix of Estonian and European dishes, made with locally sourced ingredients. Grab a seat in their cozy, industrial-chic interior and savor the flavors of their famous slow-cooked beef cheek or the refreshing beetroot salad.

b. Meat Market Steak & Cocktail

If you’re craving some perfectly cooked steak, look no further than Meat Market Steak & Cocktail. Located in the heart of Tartu, this stylish restaurant specializes in high-quality meats and mouth-watering cocktails. Their dry-aged steaks are a must-try, as well as their extensive list of wines and spirits.

3. Pärnu: The Summer Capital

a. Steffani Pizzeria

For a casual and family-friendly dining experience, visit Steffani Pizzeria in Pärnu. Renowned for its delicious pizzas and laid-back atmosphere, Steffani is the perfect spot to refuel after a day of exploring. Don’t miss their signature pizzas, such as the “Steffani Special” or the “Four Seasons,” and pair it with a refreshing local beer.

b. Villa Ammende

Experience a touch of luxury at Villa Ammende, an elegant Art Nouveau hotel with a fine-dining restaurant. Situated within a beautiful park, the restaurant offers a serene setting for an unforgettable meal. Indulge in their exquisite tasting menus, which showcase the finest Estonian ingredients and flavors. Be sure to book a table in advance for a truly special dining experience.

4. Saaremaa: The Island Escape

a. Alexander Restaurant

Located on the picturesque island of Saaremaa, Alexander Restaurant is a must-visit for food enthusiasts. Nestled within the luxurious Pädaste Manor, this restaurant has gained international recognition for its innovative Nordic cuisine. The chefs at Alexander focus on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and create an elegant dining experience that you won’t soon forget. Reservations are highly recommended, and don’t forget to explore the beautiful surroundings of Pädaste Manor.

b. Ku-Kuu

For a more laid-back atmosphere, visit Ku-Kuu, a cozy bistro located in the heart of Kuressaare, Saaremaa’s main town. Ku-Kuu offers a delicious selection of Estonian and international dishes, with an emphasis on fresh, local produce. Enjoy their daily specials or try their popular fish dishes, all while taking in the charming ambiance of this island retreat.

5. Hiiumaa: The Unspoiled Wilderness

a. Rannapaargu Restaurant

Make your way to Hiiumaa, Estonia’s second-largest island, and pay a visit to Rannapaargu Restaurant. Situated by the sea, this welcoming eatery offers stunning views and a menu that focuses on local seafood and traditional Estonian cuisine. Be sure to try their smoked fish dishes or the heartwarming Hiiumaa-style sauerkraut stew, all while soaking in the beautiful surroundings of this pristine island.

b. Café Huik

For a delightful café experience in Hiiumaa, head over to Café Huik. This lovely café and bakery serves a variety of homemade pastries, sandwiches, and light meals, perfect for a leisurely lunch or afternoon snack. Don’t forget to try their famous cheesecake and pick up some freshly baked bread to take home with you.

Estonia’s diverse culinary scene offers something for everyone, from medieval feasts to modern fine dining, and everything in between. We hope this friendly guide has given you a taste of what to expect during your Estonian adventure. So, loosen your belt, and get ready to savor the flavors of this beautiful Baltic country.